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Shenzhen Aide Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, is a long history of comprehensive high-tech enterprises. Eaton Corporation has always been committed to the research and development of monitors and electrocardiographs, has developed a multi-parameter monitor, mother / fetal monitor, ECG machine, three series of more than 30 models of products, medical device industry pioneer ; Aide company has a sound design, development, production and after-sales service system, in more than 20 provinces and cities are equipped with after-sales service agencies.
Cooperation and alliance is the core of the company's culture, and more than a thousand strategic partners around the country a good cooperation, through our partners through our partners to more than 20,000 hospitals to pass the value. "Quality is stable, timely delivery" is the purpose of the company has always served, the company's technical service network covering the whole world, to ensure that strategic partners around the endless worries.
if you:
1, will be the company's products will be your main product;
2, there are related professional product awareness;
3, the potential of the sales team;
We will share with you:
1, the success of the brand value
2, the top research and development and design capabilities
3, superb production process control and manufacturing process
4, the international quality assurance system;
5, quick technical service system;
6, perfect education and training
Hope we can grow together!