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About Aidan Medical

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Addr:3/F No. 19 Youyi Road, Wulian Community, Longgang Districl, Shenzhen

         Shenzhen Aidan Medical Industry Co., Ltd. is a long history and a good reputation of the star business. Founded in 1996, has accumulated 20 years of industry experience and brand image, has now become a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the well-known medical equipment business.
        Operating products: digital ECG, multi-parameter monitor, Doppler fetal heart, mother fetal monitor, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system (permanent magnet, superconductivity), single photon emission computed tomography (ECT), DR , Medical diagnostic X-ray system, digital medical X-ray photography system, portable color Doppler ultrasound, 4-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, cell dyeing machine, triad gynecological treatment instrument, superconducting prostate treatment instrument, electroencephalogram transcranial magnetic dual channel stimulator, Automatic program of washing, drying intelligent bed and other brand products.
        General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "to put people's health on the strategic position of priority development" to comply with public concern, "healthy China" to make a comprehensive construction of the construction, "no universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off." To solve the grassroots medical conditions behind and ease the people "difficult to see a doctor, expensive doctor," is committed to the development and production of arteriosclerosis detector, body composition analyzer, cart color, bone density analyzer and a series of high, fine , Sharp medical products, widely serve the people.
        In the face of ever-changing scientific development and technological innovation, the company has maintained a strong sense of product development at all times. The advanced management team and quality awareness ensure the excellent performance of the product, perfect pre-sales and after-sales network and passionate sales service team , Active in all parts of the country for customers are intimate service. Overtone Industries has set up offices and technical support centers in more than 20 provinces and cities in China. The product of Eaton has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions. It has achieved the strategic goal of large scale and globalization.
        Shenzhen City, Eden Industrial Co., Ltd. Chiba Mu rain 20 years. 20 years of the market tempered, so that the face of a new look, Eden people are a new attitude, full of passion, light into battle, high-spirited ride in the pursuit of a new journey on the dream! Eaton Industrial is always your trusted friend Eaton Industrial is willing to work together with partners around the world, sincere cooperation! Let us work together, always standing on the starting line of medical technology innovation, catch up with the world level, contribute to the cause of human health!