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Service Centre

Consumer hotline:4000820228

Tel:0755-26820946     28932884


Addr:3/F No. 19 Youyi Road, Wulian Community, Longgang Districl, Shenzhen


Quality and timely delivery in a timely manner
Has a long history worthy of entrustment
I am responsible for the sale of products after the efficient and efficient service
First, my company is responsible for the use of the buyer for free installation, commissioning, training
Second, the company is responsible for one year free warranty, life-long maintenance. In the product of the warranty period, our company can provide maintenance at preferential prices. And to provide spare parts at preferential prices, and to ensure the supply of maintenance parts and quality.
Third, the company responsible for the future of the product dynamic upgrade.
Fourth, if the equipment in the transport or other non-human damage in the case of the buyer to install the staff, debugging failure, then the company will unconditionally as soon as possible to exchange the device, so as not to affect the user's use. If the customer in the use of failure, the company received the product failure, will respond within 24 hours, if necessary, will quickly send engineering and technical personnel in three working days rushed to the scene to solve the problem.